Hi my name is Emma and welcome to my website I hope this website is interesting for you and any feedback can be sent to me via the facebook page.

I am 32 and am from Essex. I have been through school, college and university and currently am working as a qualified nurse. For those that do or don’t know me I have a condition called Turner Syndrome.

In this bit I am going to tell you what is in my website and the main reason behind me building it. (My website is for anyone not just for people with Turner Syndrome so don’t feel that you can’t look around as you haven’t got Turners).

My main reason for building this website was for people with turners and to have a good place to keep in contact and talk about what it is like to have turners syndrome.

Also I want to have a website for other people not just with turners to learn about what it is and how people cope with it.

My website is also for my friends so that they can talk and keep up to date and for those web searchers who would like to see my site.

On the website you can see a bit about me, look at how I cope with having Turners Syndrome or TS, go on a few websites I have given you, look at how you can become a nurse and look at my pictures in the gallery and some FAQ’s.

I am going to regularly update the info on my site as I get it and also add more bits on later. I hope you like the website and that it is interesting.