So the question on everyone’s lips is how is she going to manage with the news of probable infertility?, how does she find out?, how do I tell her?. Such a wide area with so many questions when this interesting fact is dumped on you.

When I was around seven I remember having an ultrasound scan, after this point I cant remember much else. As long as I can physically think my parents have bought me up knowing I can’t have children. Now at the time I was upset however, have always been under the impression medicine will advance and there are always so many ways to have children that it will always be in my path.

Time is a strange thing, I grew knowing the facts and accepting it thinking there is plenty of time to organise the help I may need to become a mother. Since then I have had a more invasive scan which has confirmed that I have no ovaries however, can possibly carry children which i have been advised I will have to try IVF to see if they attach to my womb being an odd shape.

Excuse the too much information I just want to express a perspective and experience to show others. Throughout this time I have had partners in different situations some with or without previous families, my stance on that being i am unsure as to take on other persons children which quickly moved to the fact I can’t be resented for not being able to produce them a family as they have already got this in their life.

As i have grown up i have now taken a stance that i would still love a family particularly as i am now settled in life. I am in two minds to do this as i feel that the process can be long, intensive and complex therefore, it is not something I would take lightly.