Telling partners

This may be a controversial topic and many may not agree with the points raised, i like to say that i am mainly speaking from experience in the hope it helps others what i say may not work for all i can appreciate this. There is never going to be ‘a right time’ to tell your partner about your illness. Unconventionally i told all my partners withing the first few weeks about TS i have never been ashamed of it and have never felt issues explaining to others, generally when comments about the height come out i feel a need to explain this. With my current partner this was no exception i told him within the very first couple of weeks of our relationship. In my next controversial move once i had explained TS i asked him not to google or research this. I will as i did with him now explain i did this for the fact i wanted him to get to know me as an individual without any preconceptions or judgements. I have spent my life with my mum attributing alot of my behaviour, personailiy and actions to TS itself. I understand that some may be the case however, at times it might well just be me as an individual and i didn’t want my partner to already have that mentality before we start. I have now been with him for 4 years and he has been to every appointment, i have said to him that he can read a bit more and given him the chance to speak up and ask questions at appointments and individually however, he doesn’t feel he needs to he has got to know me as a person and loves and respects me for that despite a condition that i happen to have.