Thought for the day …….

Random post today, I thought i’d provoke a thought for this one. Is it possible to to fall in and out of love?, it may seem quite a wide angled one but I feel that this is a possibility. I am in a now long term relationship and as everyone is aware it takes work to be in one. I feel that love isn’t just there you have to work to gain it and work to keep it or restore it at times. Most healthy relationships have arguments or disagreements as everyone is an individual  and has their own opinions. As a result of this I feel that at times you can begin to dislike aspects of that persons character and therefore, it in some way dims/blinds the positive feelings of love and such like towards that person. I am not saying that them feelings don’t return however, I feel that you can constantly grow in and out of love with that person. As you grow and change this can either make you stronger as you learn new things about each other or separate you as you discover different goals/attributes. You then have to work to gain a stronger unity despite this and move past the disagreement or move on separately. What are peoples thoughts and feelings on this? have they the same opinion?