Monday madness

Bank holiday weekends for the first May Day bank holiday. Spent the morning getting some more sections added and completed on the website so pleased with how it’s gone can’t wait for it to go live.

Managed to roll out the youtube video for the week so hopefully everyone enjoys that as the traffic to it has slowed right down recently. It was only a very brief and non topic video to provide and update on where I am at with all the social networking. Also as a result of very little traffic and no input I wasn’t really given much to discuss so content is dwindling while my weeks have been so filled up.

BBQ in the afternoon making the most of the sunny day we have had and got to spend some more time with the family, which is always something everyone doesn’t get to do much of often.

Keeping up with work life balance is something to work at maintaining.

Day of driving tomorrow taking a trip to Bournemouth. Have a great end to the bank holiday weekend everyone.


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