I generally like to be fairly structured and know where i stand and what i have got to do for the day. Over the years like with anyone i have learnt through my own mistakes in this reguard. I rarely use diaries consistently and i used to try remember it all. I started suffering with tension headaches and find that i forget so so much being easily distracted, which was affecting my performance at work giving me lots of trouble. With the wonders of technology i have my phone diary which i use as it is much much more accesible, this has helped some having it always to hand. I have got myself a to do list book which i can write dates and has notes and tick boxes. This has helped me structure whats been completed and has helped me remember tasks greatly by writing them down at the time if i am distracted then i can refer back to this. I have noticed the difference on times that i do not write so much down i get oversensitised to lots of information and have to deep breathe to centre and clarify my head from the tension it bulds up. I have to make sure i write things down each time i am told information particuarily when buy i have to make a consious effort to stop and slow down. I ensure the improtant dates like my one to one meetings with staff that i set reminders on my phone which has been a god send. I have set up a table to focus my staff training schedule. Finally i am now ensuring that i ask people to let me complete a task and come back to them if i have had a sudden influx to ensure that i am not bombarded at once with this and ensure that i can focus myself , it can be a mater of completing tasks to ensure i then move on in my list to take the next lot in. I ensure that i utilise the people around me and not take to much on myself being independent and proud i did used to do this.

Hope this is of some use for the girls and you see your not alone.