Hormone therapy mishaps

It has been a very recent occurrence that people have been unable to get hold of their prescriptions. There has been a national shortage of some of the brands of hormones available, this has had a knock on effect to the others that are sourceable. Due to shortages they are supplementing these with other brands which has led to the supply pharmacies have not being available instantly as normal because it is causing them to supplement with reserves of ones in stock are. I would suggest in this matter to attempt to order early to allow time for delivery of the medications, if there is issues then be guided by the pharmacist who will be able to discuss alternatives this can then be spoken about via your GP and specialist either over the phone or in appointments/through secretaries however, not taking your treatment is more detrimental than continuing on alternatives. They are generally similar in ingredients and therefore, effects should be the same the pharmacy can advise you on these. The estrogen is for your bone strength and also helps with menstruation which will keep your womb healthy down the line to open up options for starting families so is important to ensure that you continue this.