Genetic counselling and beyond

On diagnosis one of the services that should be made available will be genetic counselling. You may not be ready to have those discussions, it may be that they haven’t offered this or it may be they do this down the line. Genetic counselling is something that is there for a situation such as diagnosis which i would thoroughly recommend partaking in or asking about. It will give you the opportunity to talk through concerns to be aware of what to expect and also help come to terms with the diagnosis. The clinics may also have the option of putting you in touch with other families for support aswell as the internet being such a valuable resource. There are many support groups online such as ts society and the facebook pages who also have regular meets. Some people won’t ever be ready but if you can face it i thoroughly advise that in the long run it helps process and acceptance to be able to talk through things and see that you are not on your own.