Love and relationships

Love, where to start? such a broad subject that eludes many people. I am not an expert myself in this particular area and don’t pretend to be. It has taken me atleast 5 relationships that were entirely different to each other before I found a worthy relationship to which still isn’t perfect even though it appears as such. Each relationships I have been through have each been very different people, they have all treated me very differently and as a result taught me over time qualities that I do and don’t want from relationships. I am now broaching 30 and up until now haven’t had long term by any stretch these varied relationships have been short and sweet. At the time I thought I was with ‘the one’ and was absolutely mortified at its ending.

On being able to reflect now its had time to heal wounds, I can see how incompatible these people were with myself and how each of the varied qualities though some very fond memories weren’t what I was looking for in a significant other. On meeting my current partner who I will soon be married to it has made me realize how much was wrong previously and what I was lacking in the previous relationships. Sounds cliche I know but I have genuinely learnt from my mistakes.

During the process I have had the opportunity of taking time out exploring the world travelling, and have focused on my career. Don’t get me mistaken I wouldn’t be human if I don’t admit that at times I was lonely and completely disheartened at a string of failed relationships and wanted that more than anything.

I found that until I had become whole which all the above experiences gave me I wasn’t ready to accept what this current relationship has offered me as a person.

My advice would be live while your young, what is for you won’t pass you by, which will only happen when its meant to happen not before, theses things can’t be rushed.

In summarizing no relationship is perfect it takes compromise, compassion and willingness to grow and accept this growth for it to work. Love is a continual state of accepting the others flaws and combating day to day stresses whilst still remembering what bought you together in the first place and continuing to work together to keep it fresh and alive.

Don’t give up love will come to each of us in many ways, my one advice other than the above is to make the most of whats handed to you throughout your life.