These people are a significant group, they are the people who support and grow alongside you and who are there for life. Now I don’t intend to say that we are insignificant or to detract away from the topic of TS. I do however, feel that the siblings are overlooked in this particular situation. The girls get days out in London for clinics, i had trials with dietitians etc. Years later I found out that my sibling had felt that the family had been leaving them out when they left them to take me on the hospital trips. I feel if nothing else to bear in mind that it may be useful to balance this out by individual time with the siblings/other children. This in turn would prevent any animosity that may then come or any insecurities for the other children. It may also be useful to be open age appropriately with the other children/siblings in order for them to understand what is occurring so they are included to support and they can place what is going on and why you may be doing these activities and don’t see it as exclusion.