Image/appearance and effects

There are multiple miscellaneous questions that come up from time to time on forum posts reguarding look of the girl what they are like in terms of looks and how it will effect them in the long run.I therefore, would like to address these now.

In terms of mental and physical handicaps which is a common question other then my height and having to work hard towards my goals in life which can account for everyone I haven’t had any issues. I have been through to university level education as have multiple friends of mine i have met along the way. As mentioned previously there are other conditions that are associated alongside Turners however, it does’t mean that each girl suffers with them all it is very individualistic.

I look no different than anyone else you would only pick me out in crowds for my height however, to those with a trained eye could pick other Turners girls out in a crowd.

In terms of how it is managed if you have conditions associated with Turners there are obviously their own forms of management. To not over complicate or unnecessary worry new researches I will stick to just Turners. The main thing that we need to manage is growth hormone nightly/daily and oestrogen daily as we grow for bone strength and to encourage puberty. Other than this and six monthly to yearly checks in clinic i have lead a normal life and had no other difference to anyone else.

Following on from the above as I have stated and this is not gospel as it is all very individualistic and it is only my individual experience but I have not lead a less normal life to anyone without Turners. I have had regular ear infections throughout the year which i have been followed up with ENT departments for and had surgery for grommets, this ear infections have lead to hearing loss in one of my ears which is common, I got recurring tonsillitis which was corrected by these being removed. Other than that from what I am told I was a sick baby tending to vomit with most feeds which I never got treated for by my parents, I have otherwise lived a normal healthy life which no-one on the outside would know any different unless I tell them. Some girls suffer health wise with heart and kidney needs however, alot of us thankfully are all experiencing mostly good health throughout and very easy corrects if at all needed providing early detection.

In terms of the puffiness this is called odema which is swelling of the tissues, most girls suffer with this and is what they are diagnosed by. that swelling generally goes down however, in some cases it stays i have a swollen right foot and my other one swells if i am standing for long periods of times. This swelling is not painful and by no means a problem at times i have to have wider fit shoes and adapt the style to allow for the swelling but I am not affected in terms of mobility. The other thing that occurs with feet is I have dots for toenails on my end two toes and on the left foot my two smallest toes are the same size, this is a common thing with turners which again has very little effect on mobility and health.