One of the hardest and most challenging things in life is growing up, and yet everyone goes through it. The fascinating thing about it is that everyone goes through adulthood at different stages and not one experience of growing up is the same. All people deal with the challenges along the way however, some better than others. The challenges in life define who you are as a person and I believe teaches you about you which is life’s main purpose. some people take to it like duck on water and breeze through and some struggle through, I believe that struggle teaches you the most valuable lessons as it teaches you strength and growth. Turners girls can find it hard in social situations, they can struggle with changes and education. I have learnt however, through having the opportunity of meeting a variety of amazing people through social media that we are some of the brightest most resilient and determined people. I have seen so many of us overcome so many of life’s hurdles as well as or sometimes better than anyone without TS, we have a thirst of not being defeated and proving people wrong that allows us to make up greatly for the challenges we face.