Anxiety and shift work

Shift work can have an effect on anyone in a normal situation, it is a massive strain both mentally, emotionally and physically. Girls with turners can suffer with anxiety, it is elevated by stressful situations i.e house moves, getting married having babies and various other life events. I find that each set of changes never have the same effects, i can be full of energy, drained, emotional, upbeat or very sensitive to comments. I find that i work best listening to my body and myself, if i am overly tired i allow myself to rest and have some time to myself, i have to consciously make an effort to not take things personally by just stopping before i answer and thinking that comments aren’t as i may be interpreting. if i am emotional i do something like put some music on, walk, read and spend some time to myself to just re-centre and calm down. I have found one big thing that has helped being exercise, i do HIIT (high intensity interval training). This has really helps my energy, it refocuses myself if i am stressed it really helps focus that energy towards positive. If i do get emotional or struggle i am honest and open with loved ones and ensure that i communicate this to them who then can offer that support and then understand why i am acting certain ways. On shift i find taking time to breathe and reflect refocuses my response to people even if thats taking a quick bathroom break for a moments peace.

hope this is of some use

Emma x