You are not alone

Follow up from today’s blog post, i thought i would make an interesting observation. When i was younger i felt very much out of place and very much on my own with the diagnosis of TS, i felt that noone understood me. I went to summer camp and met a huge bunch of girls who all were so unique in character however, so similar and for the first time i felt accepted. I went onto create the website and research to find others and continue that feeling. Time evolved and Facebook arrived which lead me to the London friendship group which has allowed me to again meet others a broaden my audience/interactions. Never feel that you are the only person going through this others have gone through this millions of times before, there are so many new avenues out there use them resources, tap into them and be open and responsive to the input you receive, finally never be disheartened if you don’t get there first time. People sometimes take time to come round and sometimes aren’t in the right time or the right place. It doesn’t mean that you wont find anyone that will agree with you or be there just try another angle and you might get another response you’ll never get the same outcome if you try things you don’t always do. The main thing to focus on is you and learning about yourself as a person what you want from life and the rest follows once you love yourself then others will love you for you. In the meantime your own company is good enough and there are others who may be feeling exactly the same talk to each other and become the shoulder to lean on remember you’ll want someone to do the same reversed. There are so many amazing TS girls out there and i can assure you however isolated it feels there has someone going through it or been through it that will be happy to share their lessons.