Thursday …….

Started off another quiet morning, always messages and what not to reply to. Once i got all the links and problems logging in corrected i managed to get a lot of work done updating the website, complete new look and a lot more content has now been added to the page. I am so happy with how it is shaping up and how informative the site is hopefully not long and i can look at getting it live and swapped over to replace the old one as i think this is the best version so far. With the website being swapped over will allow me to link a lot of the social networking and things i have to the site, it also makes it so easily maintained i will be able to add new things as i go along and also keep it updated and managed regularly where i haven’t been able to as easy before. Other than that i am still awaiting new on lots of things in the pipeline in terms of working and getting back to normal and now that a lot of my work is done with setting youtube and what not up will be much easier to continue on the go.




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