In terms of driving I feel that it can vary in any situation not just TS. However, at times I see it a common theme in forum posts.  In my own experience it took me one and a half years and two attempts to pass my test and I have managed to pass with a manual certificate. I have to pull the seat right forward, I struggled to gauge spatial awareness and co-ordination in using clutch control whilst driving, I also know my instructor commented on my driving being very good in home areas but when I had to navigate new areas I had to refocus on the driving as it tended to get forgotten whilst I concentrated on the new area.

It is possible if you set your mind to it however, I feel don’t become too disheartened or stressed if it doesn’t come naturally either give it time. If time is not a help there is the option of automatic control which others have found useful in terms of passing as they can focus on driving more than the other aspects involved through  manual instruction.