Social media …….

Another thought provoking topic, I have been thinking about today’s world alot recently and theses are merely observational. In an age of social media and a new diagnosis of selfie syndrome where people have to get validation and post to social media I thought I would broach the topic. You don’t have to agree with me as it is just one opinion valid or not its mine. How useful is social media? do we rely on it too much? It is so easy to hide behind a computer screen giving a pretense that life is rosy however,is it masking issues of upset and longing for friendships? has this platform taken away human interaction and replaced it with as very cold uninterested front?. I have seen so many people cancel plans to sit in front of a computer screen wishing they had someone to talk to and so many people posting and looking at their phones continually for likes rather than sit and actually value the time spent with one another. I feel that it has replaced interaction and that people are so depressed and have so much pressure nowadays is this something we have created?. People can now no longer hide from bullying or from loneliness as it can continue long past the school gates closing for they day or work finishing people can continue to violently taunt and ridicule with the ease of hiding behind computers and not seeing its effect. I vote it is a positive if used in the right way but maybe take some time out a little bit each day and enhance the place and friendships around us by continuing the personal effect of spending time and quality of it rather than looking for likes from a very one sided relationship in a computer screen.