Work Life

There has been many discussions surrounding work life with TS, there is no reason that the girls can’t work in normal environments as with anyone its the right guidance and support. The TSS UK page have information sheets for employers to help. There are several areas that may affect the girls, these are hearing due to damage from recurrent infections, as with anyone that could have these adaptations can be made i.e. special equipment and being aware of this helps by allowing colleagues to ensure that they are clear and heard or can repeat as needed. I also find stopping and focusing helps me also as sometimes if too much going on I don’t always hear as well. Energy levels can be something that fluctuates, girls struggle to pace themselves and are very determined so just ensuring that they are taking time where needed and look after themselves things are heightened when tired also therefore you might for example become more emotive at something you might not normally. We appear clumsy due to a lack of spatial awareness that the girls can have, I find if I am hurrying a task this can be exacerbated and I make silly mistakes getting frustrated with myself for doing so. If I take my time I find that I am more likely to complete the task with less error and clumsiness. Concentration again can be something that fluctuates, I find by taking regular breaks keeping good nutrition and hydration helps me with this, I sometimes also if its not vital move onto something that requires less focus and go back when I have then recentred my focus. Anxiety is one I struggle with on a regular basis and I find that there is no easy fix, I have over the years had to actively try and let things go that don’t matter, I start now to ask politely for example I felt like I was interrupting something or felt a bit awkward then and have been told what it was which wasn’t what my mind thought. It is a balance for being open and honest but also knowing that sometimes things just aren’t worth worrying over and focusing on the good around you keeping that positive attitude has helped me a lot as sometimes its easy to focus on what you think is wrong as apposed to what’s been achieved which on a regular I haven’t even realised how well a days gone. Feedback is one that I find helps with this as sometimes it is also just a matter of reassurance from others I want. I find it can be vared on how tired I am and what I am doing but I can take comments quite literally at times and some days I can take it as maybe the lighthearted comment intended so I try and make sure that I stop before I answer and give myself time to sit and digest even just briefly after. I also find that I have struggled in new areas with a different routine however, once I have been shown and feel comfortable with how things work I can flow really well with what I am meant to be doing my now manager has sat me down and helped me early into my career by structure my day by writing things down which prompts me and helps me focus visually. The other thing I find is I struggled with the routine being broken/interrupted so I have to stop before I answer and just focus a bit more as I can appear direct if I am interrupted. Appointments are regular so making sure they are aware of this to be able to facilitate time off etc. It is common for people to struggle with making and retaining relationships several factors can exacerbate this such as low self esteem or anxiety lack of being able to judge responses from others, I feel awkward in bigger groups so can remain quite isolated and they are more likely targets for bullying bt wont make a fuss. Therefore, routine and regular feedback has helped me to counteract this I found as my confidence is helped by knowing with a tactful constrictive criticism when issues arise my manager now allows me to explain myself and she has learnt to let me have tme to process discussions/my feelings before talking to me. Despite the above the girls are very dedicated, determined, affectionate, hard working, thorough, innovative, strive to achieve success and honest people therefore, with the right support can flourish at a workplace.