Is it TS related

This has to be one of the most common questions I see pop up. Parents particularly and the girls tend to want to feel not alone in what they are going through. Therefore, as a result little topics like this behaviour has come up or such and such has this is it TS related? Does anyone else have this?. Now I don’t dispute that yes certain things may be more common as a result of Turners and we do have a lot of common characteristics. This however, is not every tiny detail and for me I feel that even without something like TS every persons journey is very different. What works for one child doesn’t work for another and I feel that rather than try to put a label on things to make it sit better in your own head focus on accepting a person for who they are. I’m not saying just write off a bad behaviour for example but maybe look at how the best method is of tackling said behaviour before you just go it TS that’s fine let it slide. I think to accept a person for who they are rather than to define them by their condition will promote much more self worth and self esteem which will already be a slight issue being different. Stop looking for a cause and start changing perceptions is the way forward in my mind.