Sunday bumday ..

Spent a morning organising a new computer for the family getting files across and what not (perks of being technologically minded).

Went to clear out a couple of bits from my storage facility which took up the rest my morning and spent time organising what I had.

Got bit of time with the parents in between sorting the computers and my junk.

I also had sometime in the late afternoon to start reading a new book as I finally got through the one I had been reading, and I have over a hundred on my reader to get through.

Other than that I have found sometime to enjoy the nice bank holiday weekend weather.

Youtube deadline tomorrow for weekly roll out to be completed so also have that to keep me occupied.

Great keeping your days busy as I don’t like to have too much time on my hands, or allow my mind to not keep sharp but also nice to get the occasional downtime and be able to maintain a work life balance.


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