The process of surrogacy can be completed using one of two methods, it can take a fertilized egg by you or a donor and your partner and be carried by a surrogate which has no biological connection to the child they are carrying. The second being that the surrogate has insemination of a fertilized egg of their own via IVF process in order to also act as a donor.

In the UK surrogacy is completed using a surrogacy agreement process. These are carried out by organisations in order to ensure a smooth and trouble free process, you should research and find one that best suits you and your needs. At the point of surrogacy the person that carries the child and their partner are the legal parents of the child until you undergo a process of obtaining a parental order to transfer the legal parenthood for which atleast one party has to be biologically related to the child in question. There are factors that should be considered these are emotional aspect that comes into play and financial implications pre and post birth.

The surrogacy agreement is not legally binding therefore, either party can change their mind. The agreement sets out through discussion and writing what is intended of both parties.

There are extensive tests to undergo for health and success purposes such as a specialist ultrasound and blood tests. They then use counselling for all parties and various stages of meeting and engaging with the families to ensure they are matched. Once agreed the process of insemination begins if through fertility clinics then same process as IVF s per my other sections.

A birth plan has already been set up and depending on your area depends whether baby goes with the birth parent or intended family. and then as described above you then undergo a process of application for transfer of parenthood within 6 months. Once the order is agreed you may then apply for new birth certificates etc and have full parental rights.

As per all other pages please do your own research my word is not the only guidance available and by no means expert. I hope this gives you a brief but useful overview of what to expect as a starting point.