It is not normal to be perfect or have no struggles within life. If you listen to each other everyone has their own gripes, battles they are fighting and anxieties, some are just better at hiding them than others. When these life events happens it’s how you deal with them that counts, this is what defines you and what makes you who you become. Everyone has a boiling point and different break levels, but one common factor is that big life events are stressful. The way I deal with this is accept a bad day, talk it through with those closest to me. I have days where I can let things get on top of me and feel bogged down like the next person., the house isnt perfect, i dont want to be sociable, im emotional. I then get up and make a start on getting through jobs day by day getting back on it and makes me feel like manageable again. When life gets tough break things down down let it continue into a bad year tomorrows always another day.

Emma x