My journey so far

I have been to my regular yearly clinic appointment back in July. I asked what I would have to do for fertility treatments. The doctor told me I would have a thorough heart MOT so would be referred for a check up with a heart specialist. They weren’t sure on local availability, but would contact the GP for me to be put forward locally. They advised that I would have to lose 2 stone to be considered with my BMI being then below 30. This meant a lot of hoops to jump through before I could be considered, they could then say that I wouldn’t be eligible or meet criteria from previous local attempts. It would then basically be down to how much I am able or willing to pay for that right. It seems a kick in the teeth however, i sucked his up and have began here’s how. I am minimising takeaways, looking up slimming world options for restaurants so I can eat out with better choices as it’s a Luxury I would like to maintain with friends for social aspect. The other thing I have done is YouTubed body coach workouts, these I have forced myself to do and now actually miss them when I don’t complete them. I do atleast 4 a week if I am able which I fit into my day as gym I find there was always an obstacle to not go and I can’t seem to fit into my lifestyle with shifts. Currently I have lost 3.5kg in weight which is just under half a stone. I have had moments where I have thought why, and days I’ve said I don’t want to do this but I either give myself one day break or I do it anyway and feel amazing for it, taken three weeks and the energy is now there, sleep is good. I keep remembering the end result and know without a doubt I have tried 100% so if I then fail it won’t be anything I have done.

Food for thought/update thanks for reading