My parenthood journey

Stay tuned this year for my journey to parenthood ………

10/7/19: Began the process towards parenthood, referrals will be made towards my GP in order to start the process of looking into referrals locally for funding (NHS) locally. I may or may not meet criteria and I am informed this could take the year to even become a possibility. I have been given a target weight and BMI and am also being referred for a extensive heart review at a speciality hospital and extensive bloods. I have also been directed to Daisy Network as a useful source for privatised care should I need.

4/10/19: I have yet to have any communication from my last appointment to myself and my GP therefore, I am currently 3  months later awaiting further input.

24/02/20: I have had a further appointment with London endocrinologist last month, six months down the line i was told that my last clinic appointment hadn’t been documented. The registrar that saw me appeared less than enthusiastic at the appointment however, i have subsequently recieved written said referral to my GP and i have got a clinic appointment for my heart check, this obviously will have to be governed by the current situation.

27/03/20: I received contact from my GP who advises due to the current crisis referrals may be paused. They however have advised that he will make the referral to the local gynae teams in order to begin the process for fertility treatment. I am to chase these referrals in a couple of months.

07/06/20: I have received a heart appointment which has since been cancelled and I am awaiting a decision as to the next steps.  I have also in the last week received a letter for a pre fertility assessment which we have sent back in preparation to be reviewed.

19/08/20: We had a pre assessment telephone consult with the fertility nurse and consultant. As a part of this we have had blood work and swabs and a scan for myself. The consultant had read literature and was concerned in the strain on my heart so has suggested that i be seen by heart specialist locally through my pregnancy. Unfortunatly due to my partner not being under a GP service locally funding will not be available for us at present due to the criteria for IVF treatment therefore, am on hold until next year this was attempted and refused in appeals to be bought forward. I had an ECHO and ECG under a specialist centre which was followed by telephone consult they are completly normal thankfully and have suggested a scan at 16 weeks and just close contact also local follow up thorugh but no other concern.

20/04/21: After all this we picked back up in Jan with a fertility telephone consult. We had to have repeat bloods, swabs, up to date smear testing, analysis for partner and urine and bloods for him in order to move forward. We got these done and on the system to then be asked finer details which then lead them to insist on not sending for funding until weight loss. BMI criteria in my authority which means further delay. In this time I had a very helpful consult with endocrinologist at UCLH who advise to not come off hormones for fertility which the local asked for bloods, they also spoke through diet advice as no help offered unbelievably. Diet they have advised is calorie deficit with walking your 10000 steps mainly using veg, a small protein and carbs reduced. So far have managed some weight loss fingers crossed it continues.