social isolation ….

In these times of isolation, I wanted to just throw out there my short experience. I work with if the NHS and therefore, when my partner presented with symptoms I have had to have self isolation. I have tried to keep myself busy taking day by day and tackling one or two things a go and thankfully the days are going reasonably fast. I have tried several new things being food items, communicated electronically, have tackled gardening head on and got tasks done I have put off. I am thankful in these times I have my own space and outdoor space in order to not feel so restricted. It has however thrown up numerous things, I have felt a huge sense of guilt being away from the frontline particularly in reasonable health, it has been challenging to not fall into a slum like pattern and find activities to complete and it has been tough communicating positively all the time when you feel restricted and fed up with four walls. It is very hard to not let your mind wander in times like these and also to not feel cut off and isolated even if not alone. It’s bizarre to live with someone and see the change in behaviours/attitudes when small gestures are not there. When distancing for the symptoms without touch and closeness you do run the risk of that interaction leaning more negatively even if not meant. I have found it interesting how something simple as being able to hug a loved one actually means so much as it consolidates the words with actions and when they’re taken away it’s funny how that is missed and how much of an impact it has. Food for thought but appreciate the little things, try new things while you can and show those you care about you love them, make sure those around you are ok, look after each other, be kind always and we will get through these times stronger together.

Emma x