Tanya’s Story

I was diagnosed with Turners syndrome at 14 and a half which is very late. Normally it is diagnosed at birth or within the first few years of life. With modern technology it is now possible to diagnose ts in the womb.
At the school the nurse had sessions where you could make an appointment if you were worried about anything. So we went along about my height and lack of development. She made an appointment at Frimley hospital. 6 months later we went along and i had a blood test to “rule it out” – the doctor did not think i had it. As i child i had failed to thrive, probably because of a high arched palette. I also had ear problems with catarrh, and of course i didnt grow much. All of these classic signs were missed, and now at 14 with no pubertal development at all and they still didnt think i had it!
Whilst we were waiting for the results of the blood test which took about 2 months, i researched more about TS. I had read about it before in a magazine. Having read all the symptons i became convinced i had it. It was also then that i realised if i did have it i would need growth hormone and oestrogen to start puberty. I would also not be able to have a child that was genetically mine. Since diagnosis on the 30th September 02 my healthcare is now based at St. Georges in Tooting. In december 02 i started GH injections at nearly 15! I was very lucky to have the chance. I responded very well and i am currently 4’10”. In september 03 i started oestrogen. I waited until 15 and a half so i could have more chance to grow.
I would just like to say to anyone with ts or any mothers with a daughter who has ts, PLEASE do not think it is the end of the world. While all the medical problems listed do sound daunting, so few people have any of them and with modern medicine they can easily be corrected or improved. TS girls live life to exactly the same potential as everyone else and have the same quality of life. Do not think she will be “thick”, as TS girls span the normal intelligance range – many have university degrees. Even many doctors do not know much about ts so make sure you research it to get the best care and advice you can.