Management in Childhood

There is a whole list of checks that are usually covered in your endocrinology appointments these are usually 6 monthly or yearly appointments with a specialist.

Paediatric appointments:

Diagnosis list

  • Pre or post natal diagnosis
  • Karyotyping
  • Genetic counselling
  • Cardiology refferal
  • Pelvic/Renal ultrasound
  • support group refferal
  • Growth treatment started
  • Growth hormone stopped
  • Monitor for spontaneous puberty commencing by 10 years
  • If not consider pelvic ultrasound
  • Induce puberty through hormone replacement
  • First period
  • Mainstream school
  • Additional support if required
  • Specify any educational difficulties

Alongside this there is regular monitoring that occurs at different intervals they include:

  • Height, Weight and BMI each visit
  • Blood pressure each visit
  • Thyroid function and antibodies in the form of bloods 1-2 yearly
  • Coeliacs screen in the form of bloods 1-2 yearly
  • Glucose and HbA1c (Diabetes) Blood test yearly
  • Glucose tolerance as required
  • IGF-1 insulin bloods yearly
  • Insulin level as required
  • Liver function Prior to puberty and in adult transition
  • Bone age through a scan yearly
  • Pelvic/Renal ultrasound at diagnosis then as required
  • Dietary advice as required
  • Hearing screen as required
  • Speech Problems assessment and referrals as required
  • Cardiology referrals at diagnosis then as required
  • Opthalmology referrals as required
  • Podiatry referral as required
  • Dermatology referrals as required
  • Orthopedic referrals as required
  • Orthodontic referrals as required
  • Clinical psychology as required
  • Genetics referral at diagnosis and then as required
  • Support group referral at diagnosis then as required