I have navigated my way through school, college and then university and have been dabbling in the world of work for the last 10 years. I undertake regular courses as part of my progression also. I have met with my fair share of trials and tribulations throughout them years. I have had many resits and re submissions to get there however, i have come out with distinctions, merits and a diploma in nursing, this alongside many extra certificates of completion for various nursing skills. It has never come naturally or easy but i have got through with sheer determination. I have had to research, study and as above retake numerous things in order to get the marks i have but each one i have taken in my stride. I have found my own style to learn for example i have found by rewriting in my own words and writing in general i take in information and i also learn through doing tasks. I have had to force myself to be disciplined in order to succeed you never want to study or revise however, i have to do this repeatedly in order to help the information sink in. it is always tough to fail however, i have had to learn to take the criticism and the guidance in order to then get back up and retry this. As always i the views are my own and for information if you do not wish to use them that is your choice but i hope it would be useful to see that its not just you going through these times.