Hearing Loss

Some of the girls with TS can suffer multiple ear infections throughout their journey in life, glue ear is very common. Many of us have lost hearing in varying degrees as a result of these. I personally have very reduced hearing in the left ear which can’t be repaired due to the damage these ear infections have caused. I have been fitted with hearing aids and regular check ups with audiology. I was very young when the first mould was taken and have since got myself piercings in defiance to having a hearing aid. My own perception silly as it may be has been that a hearing aid is a very negative thing, I felt I was too young to have this on show and was self conscious of having it seen. Due to not wearing them and now my piercings they won’t fit and are uncomfortable to wear. I have been discontinued from the hearing clinic due to having to reschedule appointment for shifts and therefore have not had this reviewed, many people have commented they wouldn’t know that I have trouble. I find concentration affects hearing If I am engrossed I can not hear someone right in front of me, I have trouble with accents and with background noise. The one thing I would say is persevere the advances are so modern and hearing is important it can be the difference between isolation and between friendships.