How do I break the news of Infertility?

Such a sensitive and broad area to cover, as with many of these pages I can only talk from my own experience/perspective on these subjects which may not work for every person. I don’t really remember sitting down to conversation regarding this or it being a regular reminder from parents. What I can recollect is my mum from an early age allowed me to read a really in depth book created by the TSS UK society that had all the information on what it entailed. I would imagine that over the many times I read the books that I began to gain my own knowledge and understanding and asked questions along the way which they dealt with in an age appropriate manner. I believe growing up that I was told that it may be a possibility of not having children but I hadn’t had confirmation of that at the time. I remember at seven years of age getting an ultrasound scan which I was told that it was unlikely that I would conceive naturally as one ovary was minimal and one was missing. I remember this being a shock and being very upset as I was also told about how overweight I was at the time. From this over the years again my parents and I had worked together to come to the acceptance there may be a possibility I can’t have children however, with medical advances, things such  IVF and adoption that there was many opportunities to parent. I had down days as everyone but my parents always positively reinforced that I had their support and that there are many options to become a parent it might just be a longer winded process than most people to get there. As I moved to adult services i had a more invasive ultrasound to confirm that I could carry but not conceive children biologically. I know this doesn’t give a very definitive what to do but an idea, I have grown up with a age appropriate knowledge of what it means, the support and acceptance with the openness and honesty my parents always provided. I feel by not shying away from the fact and allowing me to create my own knowledge and develop my own understanding and then be available to respond to questions and support me with the acceptance following this was the best way forward. The appointments raise these issues and concerns and i feel had it been hidden then i would not be as ready to deal with the topic and it would be a huge shock to ten confront on the spot than having time to process over a long period of time.