Pondering …..

I have been noticing a lot over the last few years, having gone though several phases and changing of attitudes. Life can be a very bittersweet thing, you grow up in a society that’s bred to get a job, get married, have a baby. Imagine having one of society norms taken away from you.

I myself have know my life I can’t produce biologically children. I have gone through determined to have them, hoping that technology would advance by the time I’m ready, to devastation, to acceptance and back again to determination.

Each life stage brings a different perspective and balance to it. The older you get the more unknowing pressure mounts to fit into that norm. Once you reach the marriage it is very soon after probing and jokes of pregnancy. Now jovial I understand however, imagine not being able to and also imagine having people around you announce their joyous news.

To then either keep silence to not make life awkward, carry on obviously delighted for them but always wishing it was you. It takes so much strength of character, add that to hearing stories of people withholding children or giving them up, makes life full of bittersweet and continually thought provoking moments.

Everyone fights an individual internal Demon/battle and I think society as a whole can be a very narrow minded and selfish one at times. Be thankful for the things around you and always be mindful of how you broach others.

If were all alone in this huge thing called life then were also together in it to and everyone plays a separate price to that puzzle.